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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Human Centipede II: A brief review and why I think Tom Six is a pompass douche.

First for the brief review.

A sociopathic, disturbed mama's boy named Martin is obsessed with the film THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. The sexual degradation and the forced defication really gets this guys rocks off. His most prized possession is a booklet he makes with pictures and movie stills from the first film. He hides said booklet in the fashion of a horny pre-pubescant teen, under his mattress so that his pain in the ass mother won't find it. Mother does find it and she then enlists the help of a creepy therapist/doctor to talk to him. Creepy Doc tells mom that 'it's probably just a phase,' and not to worry too much about it.

Martin works as a night security guard in a parking garage so this gives him ample time to watch and re-watch the film and slip deeper into his obsession. One night a misfortunate young couple makes the mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the asshole boyfriend mouths off thus pissing Martin off and unloading a gun in said asshole's foot. After knocking both the asshole boyfriend and his girlfriend, he takes the couple back to an abandoned warehouse that Martin acqired after knocking out the man who is renting out the warehouse.

Three down, nine more to go. Victims that is.

From here out, Martin secures victim after victim, including a pregnant woman, a hooker who is found servicing his Dr. friend, hence the creepy doctor bit, along with other poor souls including is asshole neighbor who plays his shitty music too loud. Before long, Martin has all twelve victims and he's ready to begin his medically inaccurate reconstruction of the human centipede, following in the footsteps of the demented Dr. Heiter that we all came to love/loathe from the original film. Because Martin is a moron, and not a medical doctor, he has to improvise.

He knocks out the teeth of his victims with a hammer and then using a staple gun, he staples asses to mouth and then injects the unfortunates with laxatives to ensure they get their money's worth. Lovely huh?!

That's Ass to Mouth II in a nutshell.

Now for why Tom Six is a douche.

Six claims that this is the sickest film ever made. Don't believe the hype.

While the gore was adequate- I would have a hard time believing it 'was the sickest movie ever made.' I can see it being a copaphiliac's wet dream, and it's probable that Six saw SALO one too many times, but tooting your own horn because you made a skat film just seems a little silly.

2 1/2 out of 5.

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